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      防患于未然 公司組織員工進行消防演練

      2017/9/12 15:50:48?????點擊:


      In order to furtherstrengthen fire safety education, raise the fire safety awareness of allemployees, and enhance the ability of self-prevention and self-rescue in fires,on September 12, 2017, the company and the fire station of Ganzhou EconomicDevelopment Zone carried out a fire fighting equipment operation exercise.


      Before the drill, thefire-fighting instructor explained the characteristics of fire, the use of fireextinguishers, fire hydrants and other fire-fighting equipment, evacuation andescape rules and other fire-fighting knowledge to the staff system,demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers on site, and asked employees to usefire extinguishers and fire hydrants on site. Put out the fire.

      演練現場圖 Drill site map


      Groupphoto of employees participating in fire drill



      The drill was organizedunder the leadership of the company, and all employees were able to conductfire-fighting training in an orderly manner in accordance with the instructionsof the fire instructor.


       Through thisexercise, the company’s employees’ fire safety knowledge and sense ofresponsibility have been enhanced, helping everyone understand and master thecorrect use of fire fighting equipment, improving their self-prevention andself-rescue ability against fires, and providing more information for futurework and life. Fire safety guarantee.